Internet Marketing offers limitless opportunities for income creation by accessing the power of the World Wide Web. With access to the online masses, you have the potential to reach an unimaginably immense audience with your products, marketing and promotions. But how do you begin to tap into the power of the internet?

PPC, or pay-per-click ads, although popular, are expensive. Used incorrectly, these can result in a tremendous loss of money and the traffic can dry up as soon as the investment capital does.

Enter article marketing – a free way to reach thousands of people very quickly, bringing long-term traffic to your website on a daily basis.

So what is article marketing? Put simply, article marketing is the writing of free articles that point back to your website or product. These articles are submitted to article directories across the internet, and from there they can be used by other people for content on their websites, with the condition that your author bio box remains in tact. This is the true beauty of article marketing – a few minutes of your time can yield months of results!

I personally recommend you write your own articles if you want to provide your visitors with the highest quality level of information about your business. I’ve included a couple of the tools I personally use to create my own content at the end of this article.

Let’s look at the basics. An article is approximately one page of text, using Microsoft Word. Articles generally contain between 400 and 700 words, and are informative and helpful to the target audience. You can find word count programs on the internet. My favorite is: – you paste your article into the box, click “Calculate Words”, and it immediately tells you how many words are in your article. You can even take the code from this site and put it onto your own website. It’s completely free.

When writing articles, stick to topics you know well. Or find an article similar to the one you want to write, read it a couple of times, and then rewrite it entirely using your own words. You can also get some ideas from several articles, and then combine them into a totally new article. You can even purchase PLR (private label rights) articles and use them on your site as-is, or alter them and submit them to article sites (be careful with this one – you must change them enough to be unrecognizable from the original, or you will be flagged for duplicate content).

To get your articles circulating on the internet, these are the most important sites available:,, and These three, in my experience, have the most users and the most clout with Google. They are all free to register with and submit articles to. Just be sure to follow their rules (especially EzineArticles), to keep from having your account suspended or your articles rejected.

Finally, make sure you create a bio box that will draw readers to your site. Your author bio should give a little info about you and give the reader incentive to come to your site. This is where the traffic comes from, and the amount of traffic good articles can generate will blow you away! Write useful articles, and you will find ezines and websites beginning to publish your articles, bringing in more traffic from their readers/visitors.

So what are you waiting for? Go write your first article, and get that traffic flowing!

Article Writing Tools And Resources

Need help writing your own blog or website content? Here are some of the most powerful and time-saving article writing tools available on the market today:

Article Assistant –  This free software allows you to create content on any topic for your site in just a few minutes. I use this powerful tool when I need to come up with new ideas for content quickly, or when I have an idea for a topic I want to write about and want to gather useful content I can edit into an article very quickly without spending lots of time doing research.

For more details about this free tool go here: Article Assistant

Content Composer – This powerful content writing software is made by the same developers who created Article Assistant, but it takes things to a whole new level. It is a serious content writing tool that allows you to create many unique variations of the same article for posting content on many different sites without getting penalized by search engines as being “duplicate” content. It also comes with a host of built-in features, such as allowing you to set up permissions for giving ghostwriters access to the tool to create articles for you, checking to see if your content is being used on other web sites without your permission, integration with the Article Announcer software (see below) and a whole lot more.

For more details go here: Content Composer.

Also, if you are interested in discovering the cash-pulling copywriting secrets that can turn your sales letters into explosive cash machines, then check out Power Copy Club – an online membership site where members learn how to master the art of sales copywriting and ad creation, how to create short copy, long copy and how to do video sales letters the right way. As a special for our valued readers and site visitors, we have secured a complimentary FREE Lifetime Silver Membership Pass to Power Copy Club. This membership is normally valued at $47, but you can access it for FREE today by clicking here: Power Copy Club Free Lifetime Silver Membership Pass.


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