Online copywriting requires certain skills to perfect. Indeed, it can even be considered an art as not everyone has the ability to make mostly old information sound mostly new and turn economically written sentences into powerful messages. The secret to online copywriting, however, ultimately boils down to two things: keeping it short and simple.

Why It Has to Be Short and Simple

You can blame it on various factors, but regardless of the reason behind it, online readers tend to be more demanding and impatient. A short and simple copy is able to give them what they want quickly and easily. A longer and more in-depth one can’t.

It’s also best to think of online readers as having tunnel vision. They have a one-track mind, and if the first instance that they suspect your copy of being unable to give them what they want, they’ll immediately switch to the next website in their list.

If you want to please online readers with your copy, you need to give them what they want without any delay. If they want you to explain in greater detail, they’ll only have to click the link you’ve thoughtfully provided for them. But until they do that, it’s better to stick with the plain but effective short-and-simple format.

No Fancy Words

Online readers skim and when they happen to skim right to the part you’ve used a fancy word they don’t comprehend, you stand to lose not just their attention but their presence in your website. And all of that is just because you took pains to use a fancy word. Such effort will remain unappreciated by online readers so don’t bother wasting your time with it.

Stick to the Facts and Figures

Online readers aren’t interested in things that haven’t yet been proven. What they want are statistics and the more impressive they are, the better! In this case, you’ll have the type of reader who doesn’t mind but in fact prefers that you brag. If there’s data you can share to convince your reader of buying your product or service, share it.

Don’t Overwhelm

Online readers are easy to scare. Give them an online copy that’s longer than a full-length page or two and they won’t even try to read it. Effective online copies never overwhelm their readers. Their sentences are simple and basic. Their paragraphs are the same and composed of not more than four or five sentences.

If a few sentences or a single paragraph are not enough to explain a particular concept, break it into several paragraphs instead. If you want to be a good copywriter, the first thing you have to understand is avoid doing anything that scares off your readers.

One Idea at a Time

Don’t make your readers frown in puzzlement. They want information given to them in a smooth-flowing manner, preferably in a step-by-step method. As such, you need to stick to one idea per paragraph. Given the ideal length for paragraphs, doing otherwise is foolhardy anyway.

Use Proper Formatting

Making your online copy convenient for your readers is another sign of good copywriting. One way of doing that is to use proper formatting. Subheading, large and legible fonts, and bullet points are just a few ways to make reading – or skimming – easier for your customers.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you write an online copy!

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