There is no doubt that focused, one on one tutoring can help students catch up or move beyond the rest of the class. However, tutors are also in a position to help with so much more.

“… Please accept my many thanks for sending Dianne to tutor Cale. You read him perfectly, Dianne is wonderful and Cale hasn’t stopped talking about her and what she has taught him already. It’s all very exciting; I have never seen him so eager to learn… …Once again, many thanks. I know it is only early days but I can see the help he has so desperately needed is on it’s way!” – Trish, The Hills

“…Sarah was the absolute best tutor I have had and I would recommend her to eveyone. She was very positive, encouraging… and edifying… 10 out of 10” Geroge (adult ESL), Eastern Suburbs

Grades are improving, yes. And the tutors are also providing mentoring support through, developing students’ confidence, inspiring them with ideas and helping them on their road to success. This is true teaching and true tutoring, and it is what we strive to do with all our students.

AES aim is to reach students as early as possible and teach them lifelong learning strategies and problem solving skills. This will begin a cycle of confidence, inspiration and success that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We try to make a difference, one student at a time, and in cases like these, we see that it is working.

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