Stay in touch with family whilst on the road and save even more $$$’s every time you travel!

Travellers are starting to realise the potential of Skype for their travels – pack in your backpack or suitcase a headset and you now have options to avoid the high costs of staying in touch while away from home.

With just a computer with a high-speed Internet connection, travellers can call anywhere for free with Skype software that enables worldwide voice and video calls at no cost. Internet cafes and hotel computer centres are common, making free calls with Skype is almost effortless.

More hotels are starting to integrate Skype into their Internet centres because they realise that travellers are no longer prepared to pay costly roaming charges.

Costs of mobile phone bills overseas are outrageous, with both parties having to pay for the call – Skype offers something different, and if you can fit in a web camera into your baggage, you can keep in touch with family and friends via video as well – technology really has changed how the modern traveller travels.

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