I love business! Some people like my wife and my sister have a natural passion for real estate. Others, like my parents-in-law, are devoted to trading shares. When it comes to opportunities for creating income streams and wealth, I’ve always looked to businesses as my vehicle of choice.

For many people, owning a business will often turn out to be little more than the opportunity to own a full-time job. This is not my idea of owning a smart business.

For me, a smart business is one where the aim is to follow a process where we get to automate as much of the business as possible by implementing business systems that allow us to easily manage, monitor and continually improve these systems while creating a more fulfilling experience for the customer by delivering more value, consistent quality of service and better results.

Leverage and automation through business systems – not a love of doing the technical work of the business – is what ultimately creates freedom for the business owner.

The first step in building a business that can run with or without you and so deliver you this freedom through leverage and automation is to develop the right mindset on how to approach your business. The most important business resource I recommend for helping you develop this all important entrepreneurial mindset is Michael E. Gerber’s classic best-selling book, “The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work And What To Do About It“.

If you own a small business, what you will learn in this valuable book will help you shave years off your business learning curve and save you thousands of dollars avoiding costly business mistakes …

If you don’t already own a copy of this book, or don’t know where to get it, you can order the paperback version of the book here: The E-Myth By Michael E. Gerber

Or, if you are a very busy person and would prefer to “listen” to the book, narrated by the author himself, then I recommend the audio book version of “The E-Myth”. You can find more details about the audio book version and listen to a sample here: E-Myth Audio Book

Regardless of whether you decide to get the paperback or the audio book version of this book, you should not attempt to build a business without first having read or listened to the “E-Myth”. It contains detailed information about the exact steps you need to take to build a business that will go to work for you, instead of owning a “job” where you have to work for it and remain forever trapped in it.

I have used Michael Gerber’s blueprint for building automated businesses as a small business consultant, coach and sales trainer for many years now with several of my clients, and I have always recommended that my clients purchase and read this book in its entirety before we even begin working together. This not only has ensured that we are “on the same page” as we work through the challenges of starting or growing their businesses, but it is also one of the only books I have even seen that can consistently create a “breakthrough” in your thinking and provide you with the right mindset for all the business development work that you will undertake now and in the future.

If you own a small business and you haven’t already got a copy of “The E-Myth”, get it. It will be one of the best business investments you will ever make … I guarantee it!

Martin Aranovitch

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