Social media is becoming increasingly important for businesses today. Sites like Facebook and Twitter offer not just fantastic social tools that allow you to chat and meet new people, follow the latest news and trends and generally stay connected with other online users around the world from the comfort of your own home or while at work in the office, but more and more businesses are discovering that, if done correctly, social media can also be a very profitable way to spread information about your products and services and grow your business.

The main problem for most business owners when it comes to using social media to grow their businesses (and especially small business owners), is that there is too much new information to take in and so little time, that most people end up feeling either overwhelmed, or frustrated that they are missing out on some powerful ways to expand their business online and take advantage of all these new emerging technologies.

Take Twitter for example. Everyone’s talking about it. Many businesses are using it quite successfully to get their message out to a growing number of potential prospects and to keep in touch with existing customers, and some very successful Twitter marketers have even created guides on how to make money with Twitter (see Twitter Marketing Product Reviews for a review of some of the more popular guides on Twitter marketing.)

Part of using Twitter successfully to grow your business online is to get people “following” your tweets. To achieve this, however, you’ve gotta be tweetin’ often and follow some of the people who are following you. This means that there are tasks you have to perform on a regular basis (e.g. writing and posting tweets and clicking on links to follow people), which means piling on more work on your daily “to do” lists.

In my business blog, I share a couple of simple strategies I use to help grow my businesses using Twitter that you can easily duplicate by following the instructions I give you. At the very least, the automated strategies you will learn will get your finger in the “Twitter pie” until you can devote more time to learning how to maximize the benefits of using social media for growing your business.

To read the full article and discover a really simple strategy for growing your business using blogs and Twitter go here now:  How To Grow Your Business Using Blogs And Twitter

Julie Warner
Author: Julie Warner

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