If you want to find success in PPC advertising, then you need to know the right AdWords/Google management techniques.  While it’s tempting to dive right in and get going, if you start using AdWords without knowing what you are doing, you will be throwing money away and not seeing any return for it.  Most people who are just starting out with AdWords/Google management don’t realize how fast you can run through your weekly, monthly, or even yearly budget if you don’t know what you‘re doing.   If you want to get the most bang for your buck, make sure to follow these simple techniques.

Are you one of those people that never reads the manual when you put something together, be it a toy or a BBQ or a dresser?  Then this advice is especially important for you.  The first, and possibly the most important AdWord/Google management technique that you can learn is to read the manual before you try to put the machine together (the machine, in this case, being your AdWords campaign.)  Google offers a vast amount of information about how AdWords works, and if you want to be successful, then you need to know the ins and outs before you start running your campaigns.

The second AdWords/Google management technique that I’m going to share with you is to run separate campaigns for all of your different products and services.  A lot of people, when they are starting out with AdWords, will try to put all of their different campaigns together in one big campaign.  Don’t do this.  In order to give each of your campaigns the attention that they deserve, you need to put them into separate campaigns.  That way, you can manage them better, pay more attention to which keywords are performing and which aren’t, and keep a better eye on your costs per click.

The third and last AdWords/Google management technique I’m going to share with you today is to keep your eye on your conversion rates.  It’s not just clicks that count.  You could have an ad that’s getting you great cost per clicks, but it’s not resulting in any sales for you on your site, which means it’s a waste of money.  But having an ad with a lower click-through rate that costs a little more, but that results in more sales once they reach your site, is much more valuable to you.

Remember to keep your goals in mind – your ultimate goal is to get sales.

If you want to get serious about PPC marketing and using Google AdWords to drive more sales online for your business, then I recommend either joining a membership site like PPCKahuna (recommended for affiliate marketers), or contact me to discuss how I can set up and fully manage a pay-per-click campaign for  increasing sales of your products and services online here: InternetAdWorks.com

Julie Warner
Author: Julie Warner

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