It has been shown that people make up their minds within seconds of seeing a property as too whether they wish to purchase it. An instant emotional attachment will mean that the buyer will over look any other defect however if the appeal is missing they will only identify with the negatives of the property. It is important that when you are selling your home that you look at it from the eyes of a prospective buyer.  As you are emotionally attached to your home it is often better to have someone without any connection with the home to critically analyse it.  The obvious only become obvious once it is pointed out for eg, weeds growing in the pavers of the driveway, the old favourite chair that has seen better days being on display when you enter the front door.  Remember the adage “less is more” is very relevant when putting up the for sign sale. For more details on affordable property styling with proven results, the last two properties gained $15 000 and $25 000 over original listing price and sold within one day of being put back on the market contact Robyn from Inspired Spaces on 9894 7548 or visit

Author: InspiredSpaces

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