Preventing illness….what I have learned

I put the call out and you answered… what did I learn about illness prevention?


Firstly, disinfecting surfaces and obsessively cleaning hands may stave off conjunctivitis, but it is rather useless when it comes to colds and flu. Short of spraying Glen 20 each time someone speaks to kill off the airborne particles, you just can’t stop the bug from spreading. You can however top up your immune system with multivitamins, echinacea and olive leaf extract.


Trying to go cold turkey from 1000 odd kisses and hugs a day with your child is just not on!! Hugs and kisses must continue as they are addictive and cannot be lived without.


I am happy to say, that as I always knew, it would seem alcohol really is a cure all. Alas I am unable to drink Bourbon and Coke anymore (believe it or not the coke has a preservative in it that I can’t tolerate, the Bourbon is perfectly fine to consume) but I am more than happy to try Drambuie for medicinal purposes of course. Add a little fairy dust and a magic wand and she’ll be right mate .


Lastly, I must be thankful that my gorgeous boy rarely ever gets sick and I should just “suck it up” and have a drink!!!

Until next time, stay happy and healthy.