The Interior Designer, a Cushion Tosser

The Interior Designer, a Cushion Tosser

When the film industry portray an “interior designer” images of Martin Short as Franck Eggelhoffer, the neurotic designer from Father of the Bride II come to mind. Designers’ are often portrayed as people who are egocentric, expensive and who spend their day going around say “darling” and throwing cushions around. This description could not be further from the truth. A qualified interior designer is a mine of information, contacts and your money saver. They are your co-ordinator, designer, creative thinker and budget controller. Certainly not terms generally seen as associated with the profession.

So what does an interior designer do? They take the needs of individuals, families or companies and blend aesthetics with function within the constraints of the space and budget. They ensure form and function meet, let’s be honest what attracts you to a book in the first place is it’s cover, and this is the same as the space you live in or work in. If you feel good in a space you will use it or luxuriate in it.

By using an interior designer you can:

  • Maximise the use of your space, ensuring all areas are used efficiently and effectively
  • Save money by preventing costly errors
  • Save money as they often have access to trade prices
  • Access to materials and fabrics that the majority of people do not have
  • Have a list of trustworthy and quality tradespeople, they can be a one stop shop
  • Complete your brand image for businesses by continuing it into your work space
  • Increase work productivity and subsequent profit by ensuring ergonomic work spaces are created. A happy work force means a happy bank balance
  • Make sure you are not contravening any Building Code or Australian standard. For eg did you know that with any new office fit out that the minimum size of any door is 850mm and that egress points must have a walk through area of 1500mm. Probably one rule that most people are unaware of is the maximum distance anyone can travel to an exit is 20m without contravening the fire exit rules. Heaven forbid your were to have a fire and you did not meet these conditions, then you or your company would be liable
  • Make your makeover relatively pain free and save your relationship.

An interior designer is a person with a multi-faceted set of skills who improve the interior of buildings, the living and working spaces of people and ultimately their comfort and/or productivity. Oh yes and they do toss a few cushions around.

Got A Passion For Beading? Then Join

Many of us are familiar with popular social networking sites like,, flickr, twitter and others. These attract mostly young-ish people and some have millions of members. Social networking sites allow people to not only communicate with each other, but also to virtually share entire aspects of their lives over the internet.

The online social phenomenon is now also beginning to reach an older generation of men and women whose interest for joining online community sites is not necessarily confined to finding a romantic partner. According to Caterina Fake, the co-founder of Flickr, a social networking site bought by Yahoo! in 2005, social networking is still in its infancy, and the future promises to be very exciting, especially as the trend is now evolving to include more selective social networking groups.

Which brings us to sites like is a social networking site for people who love beading and bead jewelry making. It was founded by a Hills-district based husband and wife online publishing team who decided to avail themselves of emerging Web 2.0 technology that allows users to create and share content online, and set up a modern and dynamic online community where people with a common interest in the art and craft of beading can meet and make new friends online, participate and contribute to the growth of the community in so many different ways. members can set up their own profile pages, post photos of their latest beading creations and designs, upload and share ‘how to’ beading videos, chat online, write articles and blogs about beading and beadworking, ask questions, share tips and participate in forum discussions and polls, post comments and rate other member’s contributions, take part in quizzes, post events and announcements about beading fairs, markets and shows in their local area, and so much more. Members even have an opportunity to run classified ads and buy and sell items using e-bay style auctions that are displayed throughout the entire web site.

Although the site is fairly new, the word is already spreading among the beading community. Given the fact that most of its members are not advanced internet users, the developers were careful to ensure that the site is easy to navigate and explore. As members add more content to the site, is tipped to become the “must-go-to” destination for the online beading community.

Beading enthusiasts spend hundreds of dollars each year buying beads, beading accessories and beading supplies from online retailers. A targeted social networking site like, therefore, allows beading-related businesses (e.g. beading suppliers and wholesalers) to go beyond the traditional online model of setting up a web store and then trying to attract people to what is often not much more than an e-commerce powered online catalog of items for sale. Business can participate in and contribute to the online beading community through activities like running workshops using online videos, chatting with their prospective customers via live chatrooms, answering questions and sharing tips in forums, and publishing articles through blogs just to name a few, thus building trust online with their existing and potential new customers.

As Catherine Fake recently told CNN, “far from being a fad, social networking is here to stay.” Expect, therefore, to see social networking sites like grow into a household name for beading enthusiasts of all ages everywhere!

If you love to bead, head on over to the fastest growing online beading community on the net … it’s FREE to join! For more details visit the site here: