Package Holiday or Independent – What is the best deal?

Package holiday deals sound amazing when you see them advertised on T.V. or in the newspapers, but often they are very difficult to secure at that bargain price on dates you want to travel and are they really as great a deal as they first appear?

The packages usually include as a minimum airfares and accommodation and then there are the additional items that may or may not be included.  These are: transfers, meals (1-3 per day), drinks, resort facilities and activities or special shows etc.  It is important if you have quotes from a few different travel providers or websites that you clarify that they all include
the same items so you know you are comparing apples with apples.

Start your own research by getting prices on the basics of airfares and accommodation options and see how that compares to the package price.  It is always worth checking with the resorts direct as well as websites and agencies that specialise in your destination. Then look at the cost for adding on any meals that may have been included and see if there is a significant price difference to the package price.

I have had a personal experience recently where to just add breakfast for a family of 2 adults and 2 children under 10 was going to add $600 for 7 days.  This was for a resort in Vanuatu and the four of us actually ate out with large cooked breakfasts for $40-$50 per day (so only spending around $300 for the 7 days) and we could try out different restaurants/cafes each day or prepare our own in our room (warm chocolate croissants and local Tanna coffee – yum!).

The same goes for lunch or dinner options that can be included in the all inclusive packages.  You have to way up if you want to be committed to always eating in your resort or want the flexibility to try other places.  Also, do you want 3 large meals every day or perhaps you prefer just 2.  These all need to be considered before you book & pay for something you may not actually need.

It is also worth looking at the transfer options as well.  You can often save quite a lot on these if arranged independently.  The hotel you book with can offer options and costs and you can easily find out on-line the cost of taxis, shuttles, busses etc available at your destination.

These costs all add up and the more you can save on getting there and staying, the more you have to spend doing fun things when you get there (or on some retail therapy).

Sometimes the package deal on offer is truly a bargain and you should snap them upquickly – but just do a bit of checking before you do to make sure!

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