Business Card Size?

Business Card Size?

Do you need to get your business cards printed, the standard size of business cards is 90 x 55.  Business cards are generally printed on 310gsm or 350gsm white artboard.  Clients often believe there are many different colours of paper to print on, but 95% of business cards are printed on plain white card, a coloured card look is often achieved by printing inks of cream, gold or another background colour.

The most common business card finishes are a plastic lamination called celloglazing.  You can choose between matt or a gloss celloglaze.  These finishes provide considerable protection to your cards and they are ideal for tradesmen who can be handing out cards in often dirty environments.  These coatings do keep the cards much cleaner and any marks can be easily wiped off.  The plastic lamination also gives your business cards more water resistance and a nice feel.

If you want to write on the back of your cards, it is better to choose a matt celloglaze finish, or a satin finish.  Most business card stock is coated with a slightly gloss (or satin) finish which can be easily written on.  Do not pick gloss celloglaze on the back of your cards if you wish to write on it.  Gloss celloglaze is virtually impossible to write on.

If you prefer you can have Gloss celloglazing on the front and Matt Celloglazing on the back.  This gives you the best of both worlds, but will cost you a little bit more.

If you decide to only have the plastic lamination on one side, please bear in mind that paper is porous.  Therefore it will absorb a little water from the atmosphere.  If you have a plastic laminate on one side only, this side will be less likely to absorb water from the atmosphere.  This may cause your cards to curl slightly.  To prevent this please keep them in their box and keep them inside your office.

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