How do I start my food chemical intolerance awareness campaign?

I had a huge response to my blog on starting an awareness campaign for lesser known food chemical intolerance’s. I was so grateful for the support and this generated a burst of enthusiastic energy but I still had a big question….how the hell do I do it?


Firstly, I decided to submit my story to ACA. Great start, but they must get thousands of story submissions, so I am guessing there will be a fair wait until it’s looked at and even then it may not make the cut. This will require some patience and maybe a bit of persistence, so where to from here?


Secondly, I approached the allergy and intolerance unit I attended to give me information about any groups or associations out there that I can join forces with etc.


Of course there is the endless hours I will spend trawling the internet to see what I can find, but that is where my creative juices stop 🙁


Now, I’m a fairly intelligent and spirited person, so if a 9 year old girl by the name of Katie Stagliano from the US can get others inspired to help feed the hungry (and I know about it) then it shouldn’t be that hard right? Plus, it’s not like I want to start a ‘not for profit’ or charity, so there should be some pretty simple ways to go about this, I’m thinking.


So, where to next? That is the question…


That is where you come in!


Have you ever started an awareness campaign, crusade or mini revolution?


Have you promoted your business to groups, committees or associations – what worked for you?


Please share any advice, tips, tricks and tactics to help me on my way.

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