IBNInc Quick Start User Guide

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Follow our ‘step-by-step’ quick start guide below and start promoting your business online fast using the resources we provide to IBNInc members … it’s as simple as 1-2-3!

 Step 1  Log into the IBNInc Blog with your username and password, then set up your blog author profile

 Step 2 Post your first article

Step 3  Send us your business details and vertical banner ads, so we can add these to the blog in the Member Business Showcase, The Business Directory and Banner Ad sections

Meet Our Members Area (left hand column blurb on website):

If you forward your logo and a short business description to us then we will upload this to the site.

Logo Size: maximum of 150 pixels wide

  • Rotating Advertisement (right hand side column, banner add):

If you forward your advertisement/s (1 or 2) then we will upload them to the site.

Ad Size: 160 x 600 pixels and supplied as a .jpg or .gif artwork

  • Business Directory Registration Form

Please go to this link and insert your business details into the registration form.  Once completed the listing has to be approved by me before it will appear on the IBNInc site.


Some Of The Benefits You Will Experience Immediately After Starting To Use The Above:

The IBNInc blog has been specifically set up and optimized for increasing search engine exposure for members who contribute to the blog and for attracting visitors and readers searching for information online about your products and services.

  • You don’t have to worry about any technical details – just educate people about your business, your products and your services (remember – it’s better to inform and educate readers than to try and sell them), and add links back to your own website, business blog, e-commerce store or contact details page. Your business will grow if you do this.


  • The Member Business Showcase and Advertising Banners appear on all pages of the blog. The more content members add to the blog, the more exposure everyone’s business will get. For example, if 20 members add only 2 blog posts each every week, that’s 20 members x 2 pages x 52 weeks = Over 2000 pages where your business will be permanently promoted to visitors and potential customers after the first year.


  • Every feature that has been made available to you is designed to help you leverage your time and effort and help you grow your business. Learn to use these powerful tools and ask any questions if you’re not sure.


  •  This and a whole lot more is available to you for FREE as a member!


Don’t Wait – Get Started Now … The Only Thing That Can Hold Back Your Success Is You!




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