Seriously what is the go? Why are kids band-aids so small? Yes, I am not completely clueless, I understand kids are little, but their war wounds certainly are not! And that is the riddle of kids band-aids.


Recently JT (3yrs) came a cropper after falling from a swing. The surface they use at parks these days do an absolute number on kids clothing, let alone their skin, see evidence below….

Anyway, I digress. Once the initial shock and howling was over, his first request was to put a band-aid on it. Not a problem says Mum (that’s me). I can fix it with a kiss and a bandage cause I’m a really good mum…..


Evidence that I’m a really good mum – I did a pretty good job with this little gouge which is healing nicely 🙂

So, we get home, put some special mum ointment on it (that’s antiseptic to you) and we pull out our hoard of bandages. Now herein is where the band-aid dilemma lies – which size? You see, none of the padded parts in my stash are large enough to cover the area. I can find some big brown material style bandages but they just won’t do (heaven forbid the bandage is useful and not adorned with Wiggles, smiley faces or dinosaurs). Seriously, try telling a screaming child that the big brown thing will work much better than Wags the Dog and you’ve lost before you’ve even started.


Nevertheless we soldier on. I pick out the biggest ones we have and place two of them on the graze. It looks good, it covers the whole area, but the reality is that the sticky bits are attached to the broken skin – ouch!!

This is about the 4th time JT’s poor little knee has been bashed and banged about, so this is not an unusual occurrence for kids (particularly boys). So, I ask again, why are kids band-aids so small?


If you have found the solution to the riddle of kids band-aids, please share your insights in the comments section below.


P.S. I am aware that band-aid is a brand name, but it has also become synonymous for plasters in Oz. It is therefore in this form that I use the words band-aid to cover all adhesive bandages.


P.P.S. All injuries were sustained in the line of duty, that of being a little boy. Events occurred falling off swings, foraging in the “tall tree woods” and racing to get to the beach before his father 🙂


Till next time…



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