This past week has been a tad lacklustre. The long weekend was spent holed up inside whilst the rain pelted down and our little darling fell sick – a sickness he very generously passed on to me. Now, I did everything to stop the spread of germs throughout the household. My illness prevention tools included disinfecting everything that was touched, following the little munchkin around with antibacterial wipes, teaching him to cough into his arm and even tried Vicks on our feet!


I personally ate soup super powered with that much chilli and curry it would knock the socks off a fiery Indian dish, washed my hands till they were peeling and when it finally struck took to rest and fluids (admittedly there were a few Gin’s in there – but alcohol is a ‘cure all’ anyway right??). But this was all to no avail as it has crash landed on my chest and my throat is so swollen I can barely swallow.


There was one small thing that I was unable to avoid and that is my compulsion for “huggles” and “kissies” – how can you not shower your poor sickly child with too much love? Air kissing and stroking of the forehead were road tested but it’s a little difficult to change the rules for mornings (when coming into our room you must wake us with a big hug and kiss rather than shouting, otherwise you are not allowed onto the bed to play hiding from the Monsters). Plus it’s so bloody dark at the moment that you do not know what is being swiped or drooled across your face.


So with all best of intentions, I lucked out and from the look of my Facebook page, there is little sleep and lots of viruses doing the rounds at the moment. I’m guessing most people are feeling as crappy as I, but for those of you who have avoided it, I beg of you – PLEASE share your illness prevention secrets!!

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