So a friend of mine was cooking some muffins – yes the items in the attached picture are muffins, what did you think they were?


These little gems prompted me to think about how things have a way of going awry and how irritated I get when people pretend that life is perfect when you know it not to be true. Don’t they know that it is our imperfections that make us likable?


Yep, this picture gave me a “big belly laugh” and reminded me that if it wasn’t for life’s little failures, we wouldn’t be the fabulously flawed people we are. It’s these less than perfect moments that allow us to connect, have a chuckle and draw on the support and comfort that others can provide.


So why is it that people pretend that all is in hand and even in some cases appear to be offended because I accept the support and help that is offered to me? Are they annoyed that I have a bigger support network, that I seem (yeah right!) to have an easier time of it, or is it jealousy because I am on a mission to achieve my dream lifestyle? Or is it more to do with their own inadequacies – do they feel that they may appear to be needy, weak or even lazy? Maybe they feel like a failure, just don’t want to bother anyone or worse feel they’re not worthy of any help….


When I offer help to others, it is my way of showing love. In some cases it can be selfish (I like the feeling of being needed) but mostly it is about giving back, sharing experiences and making a difference in someones life. So I like to believe that by accepting an offer of help then I am accepting their love into my life too.


Balance is not about appearing to be perfect. If you are “faking it till you make it” that’s cool and can be a very useful tool in the right situation, but you also need to be true to yourself and open up to the possibilities that can come with accepting a little help from your friends.


Whether you need help with caring for your child, cleaning the house, cooking muffins for your kids school fete – if you can get assistance paid or otherwise, take it and start concentrating on the things that matter in life – your health, family and friends.


Why doesn’t everybody accept the help and generosity of others? If you want to achieve balance in your life then you may need to get over it. When I started to get sick ALL THE TIME, getting things done was extremely difficult. It took every ounce of strength to get through a day let alone get through the things that needed to be done – I didn’t have much choice in accepting help and it turned out to be a fabulous lesson.


So I say, when offered help, accept it. You can achieve balance with a great team around you, but you will not if you go it alone. Anyway, what a lonely path to tread.


What do your friends and family help you out with that you are so grateful for?


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