It has been said that “Applying for a Job” is a job in itself.  The Global Financial Crisis saw highs in candidates looking for jobs.  This brings with it increased challenges and added stresses.

You can be only one of 30 or for that matter 300 applicants that might be applying for the position.  What are some tips that will set you above the crowd.

I would have to say a very well worded cover letter will certainly put you ahead of the crowd.  Your resume is your marketing document and therefore you have one opportunity to create a good impression. There are many jobs that are not being advertised and if you can articulate your skills in a good covering letter, you might open up other opportunities that you did not even know about.

Tips on writing a winning cover letter

  1. Be sure you are specific and it is tailored to the role you are applying for.  I cannot begin to tell you how many covering letters I get are not for the role they are applying for.  It can leave a very bad first impression.
  2. Write it to the person that has advertised the role, use their name if given and be sure to make it specific to the role you are applying for.  A wide, encompassing approach is not the way to go.  You have a small window of opportunity to provide specific skills, attributes and value you can bring to the role.
  3. Give your availability and contact details when applying for your position.


Things to be careful of…………..common mistakes

  1. The wrong name and wrong role, I get this alot, it does not give a good first impression.
  2. Nothing relevant to the job you are applying for, sometimes you have no experience at all for what they are asking for, if that is the case rather don’t apply.
  3. Bad grammar and bad spelling, this is unacceptable especially when there is spell check on a computer.
  4. Generic letter with no relevant experience for the role you are applying for, you are not being specific to the role you are applying for.


For any one position that I have advertised, there are many, many applicants there are some simple tips that will ensure you are ahead in the race.

Be sure that you check and recheck before sending your resume and covering letter.  You have one chance to make a excellent first impression and small or silly mistakes can make a very bad first impression, you don’t want to be starting off on the wrong foot.

For more advice and information about covering letters Debra at Debra Manson Recruitment is willing to assist you in making sure  your first impression is a good one.

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