You may already know that a blog allows you to attract new customers, build brand awareness, and inspire more prospects to buy from you. Did you also know that the average blog attracts 55% more visitors and gets indexed 434% more by search engines than a traditional website?

Even if you’re already sold on the value and benefits of blogging, however, launching a blog for your own business and jumping into the blogosphere can be a daunting prospect. Starting a blog and then turning it into a successful online venture requires careful planning and strategy.

Our step-by-step blog tutorials will show you exactly “how” to install, set up and configure a blog that will help you grow your business faster. If you want to know “why” you should start business blogging and how to plan for success before you go ahead and start a blog, however, then I have found just the perfect guide that will explain to you why merely having a web presence today is not enough to drive your business growth, why, in fact, a static site with no regular new content and no engagement with visitors might even work against you, and why blogging is the simplest and most effective way for your business to deliver what your customers are after.

Renowned speaker, author and internet marketing consultant Chris Garrett has recently teamed up with WordTracker (the keyword research company) and written a fantastic 162 page electronic guide for creating, writing and promoting a successful business blog called Business Blogging – 50 Steps to Building Traffic and Sales.

The plan outlined in this book is a valuable roadmap for blogging success and comes from Chris’ own real life experience as a sought after professional blogger. “Blogging For Business” is a straightforward guide to business blogging and will help any business understand how to create a popular and profitable blog.

In “Business Blogging – 50 Steps to Building Traffic and Sales,” you’ll learn:

  • How to identify a target audience for your blog.
  • How to address the technical challenges of blogging.
  • How to determine your blog’s unique selling point in order to gain a competitive edge.
  • How to implement a successful blogging strategy that will improve your company’s reputation.
  • How to drive traffic to your blog, which blog traffic building solutions give the best return on investment, and which ones you should avoid.
  • How to create a phenomenal experience for blog visitors and generate more sales.
  • How to convert casual blog readers into loyal blog subscribers.
  • The benefits of adding multimedia to your blog

I recommend you purchase a copy of  Chris Garrett’s comprehensive guide to business blogging, then simply follow and apply the 50 steps he has outlined in his method. In no time you will find traffic and sales from your blog will be growing steadily, and helping your business move with purpose and a clear direction towards greater success.

For more details, visit the website here: Business Blogging – 50 Steps to Building Traffic and Sales

Business Blogging Made SimpleBusiness Blogging Made Simple

A real-world guide to creating, writing and promoting a successful blog

Inside “Business Blogging – 50 Steps to Building Traffic and Sales,” you’ll discover:

  • Why your business needs a blog (yesterday!)
  • The biggest pitfalls of blogging — and how to avoid them
  • How to build a following of faithful blog subscribers
  • Proven tips for converting your blog traffic into sales

Order “Blogging For Business – 50 Steps To Building Traffic And Sales” now and get instant access …


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