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Preventing illness….what I have learned

I put the call out and you answered… what did I learn about illness prevention?

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What are your secret illness prevention tools?

This past week has been a tad lacklustre. The long weekend was spent holed up inside whilst the rain pelted down and our little darling fell sick – a sickness he very generously passed on to me. Now, I did everything to stop the spread of germs throughout the household. My illness prevention tools included disinfecting everything that was touched, following the little munchkin around with antibacterial wipes, teaching him to cough into his arm and even tried Vicks on our feet!

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Road Trip Raw food tour

I just got back a week ago from a road trip I took for a Raw food workshop which was the business part of my trip and followed it up with a RAW Cafe’ tour holiday!

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Cheers! Here’s to good health!

What beautiful sunny weather!  Encourages us to get outdoors and move, walk, garden and socialise.   Help your spring energy levels by drinking vibrant energy giving green smoothies.

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Fresh Raw Living Fruits!

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Stress – What is it?

The nature of stress, everyone experiences stress in their lives. We are all living under huge stress, stress affects all of us and we all need to get a whole lot better at learning how to deal with it.  There are ways that can reduce stress but before we go there, it is important to first recognise it in yourself.

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